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Glass Services
Professional Glass Replacement for Home & Auto
Whether it’s repairing a chip to your car’s windshield or replacing the passenger window and side mirror, the experts at JB’s Auto Glass will assess it and then repair or replace it quickly, safely and at a competitive price. Bothered by glare or UV exposure? We offer professional window tinting services, as well.

Our team has solutions for all of your glass problems. We specialize in windshield replacement and repair but offer a full range of glass services to meet your needs. We service virtually all vehicles, from cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans to commercial and recreational vehicles. With government-certified technicians and only the highest standard for materials and workmanship, you can be assured that your vehicle will be repaired correctly and safely. Contact us today to schedule our mobile service.

Your one stop shop for all your glass needs
We are your one-stop shop for all your glass needs, from cars to big rigs, motor homes and boats, as well as cabinets, sealed glass, and custom mirrors. We take care of it all, from start to finish. Our certified technicians provide quality installation or repair, using high-quality parts and materials.
Glass Repairs
Onsite & Mobile Glass Repairs
Repair vs. Replacement
Since it is more costly to replace auto glass than it is to repair it, many auto glass repair companies replace the windshield when in fact it could have been repaired for a lower price. We can fix windshield cracks up to 5” long, which can save you a lot of money when compared to the cost of replacement. Our rock chip repairs start at just $20.
We Can Repair Most Windshields & Auto Glass Damage Quickly
Our auto glass repair services allow you to prevent your windshield chip or auto glass crack from spreading further and damaging your windshield beyond repair. We can repair most of the auto glass chips and windshield cracks that we inspect. If your auto glass damage is beyond repair we will suggest that you replace your damaged auto glass with a new one. We have auto glass and windshields for all makes and models in stock and ready for installation. We can instantly replace your complete auto glass in 1 hour at our shop, getting you and your vehicle back on the road without delay. JB’s Auto Glass has been voted BEST IN CLASS for automotive glass repair and replacement in the Kelowna area since 2000; you can be confident knowing your automotive glass needs will be taken care of safely, promptly and at a competitive price.

Approved by major insurance companies

Please contact us to discuss your auto glass needs or to request a quote.

Some of the reasons to choose JB’s Auto Glass include:
All of our auto glass technicians are government certified For your safety, Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) or equivalent certified replacement glass is used for every replacement
Only premium quality installation adhesives & other materials are used for every repair or replacement.
We specialize in foreign and domestic cars, trucks, recreation vehicles, exotic vehicles, boats and more – no vehicle is too large or too small
Glass Tinting
Tinting is cooler in more ways than one! Besides a more “hip” look it keeps the car cooler, not to mention the sense of security that comes from blocking strangers from looking in your vehicle.
Stay Cool with Window Tinting Services in the Kelowna/Winfield Area

Window tinting from JB’s Auto Glass can keep the interior of your car as much as 60% cooler during the height of a Kelowna summer. If you own a black or dark coloured vehicle you know how quickly they can heat up. The cooler temperatures make for a nicer trip for you and your passengers, allowing you to arrive much more refreshed and relaxed.

Extend the Life of Your Car’s Interior Components

Window tinting not only lightens the load on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, it can extend the life of your leather seats, carpeting, and other interior materials, as well. The less your A/C has to run, the easier it is on your compressor, your engine, and every mechanical component of your vehicle. Plus, you’ll burn less fuel. It has even been theorized that if your window shatters in an accident, the tint will help hold the pieces together and not cover you in glass. Contact us today to find out how easy and affordable it can be to install quality window tint in your vehicle.

Glass Replacement
Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement in the Okanagan
At JB’s Auto Glass we will fully protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle while we’re working, and even clean your vehicle’s exterior glass and vacuum all broken glass after the work is completed. The important part about bringing your car to JB’S Auto Glass is that we take pride in doing the job right the first time.

Your windshield is a critical part to the structure of your car. The windshield actually supports the roof in the case of severe accident or rollover. We take the time to properly prep and prime every pinch-weld to factory specs. This assures you do not have adhesion problems now, or for years to come.

At JB’S Auto Glass our core specialty is the repair and replacement of all types of auto glass, including windshields, side and back windows, and side mirrors. If you are located in or near the Okanagan region of BC and need auto glass repair or windshield repair services please contact us for fast service or to request a quote.